Share confidential files with confidence

Maintain control over the files you shared even after sharing.

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Share Confidently with DocsGUARD™

Protect confidential information. DocsGUARD™ makes it difficult for recipients to copy, save, or download the files you shared.

Trace Leaks Easily with RecipientID™

Each recipient receives a uniquely watermarked version of the files. In the case of leaks, the leaked files can be used to identify the leaker.

Modify and Revoke Access Anytime

Sharing doesn't have to be a permanent thing. Modify or revoke individual recipient's access to the files anytime, instantly.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Set access rights per-recipient basis. Give each recipient its own access control policy.

Detailed Access Audit Log

We keep track of each recipient's IP Address, location, device, and browser version.

Encryption At Rest and In Transit

Your data is stored with AES-256 encryption inside ISO 27001-compliant storage and transmitted with 2048-bit EV SSL.

No software to download, no plugin to install

Our mission is to empower organization share with ease. We strive to make sharing as easy as possible without compromising security.

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Security and reliability are our focus

AES-256 Data Encryption at Rest
2048-Bit EV SSL (HTTPS)
PCI-Compliant Environment
ISO 27001-Compliant Storage
99.99% Uptime Guarantee SLA
Excellent U.S. Based Support